Friday, January 7, 2011


Hey guys!

Merry xmas and a happy new year!!

I feel like I have so much to tell you!

First off hope you all had amazing christmases and that Santa brought you everything you want ;)
Just a little story for you-well you know how the ex is back on the scene trying to repair everything?? Well on christmas eve I get a knock on my bedroom window at about 1am. And it is him telling me he has a surprise for me. lol So i get a little angry, cos 1- he woke me up, and 2- we aren't dating so i don't want any surprises. Anyway he eventually convinces me to close my eyes and come outside.

So I get outside and my entire backyard is full of fairy lights and candles- EVERYWHERE. It honestly looked so magical and pretty. In the middle of the backyard he had put a pink rug with more candles surrounding it and a giant box. On top of the box was this long letter about how much he loves me and needs me in his life blah blah... The box had inside so much binge food lol- coconut mnm's, cookies and cream everything, lollies, coconut rough etc. ugh. A big Marilyn Monroe book, a Lady Gaga biography and a signed program from the Australian cast of Hairspray, including this personalised message from my idol who is in the show. So he did good. At the time I was angry- cos it's such a 'couply'/boyfriend/girlfriend thing to do.. but I'm getting over that and realising that it was a nice gesture.

Other news- I briefly tried 'recovering' for a few weeks but as usual that fails lol. And is especially hard during 'binge season' (festive season). ha

I am so excited because I am going to America this year- in June/july/august. I have never been and I am beside myself with pure excitement. My best friend has been studying in England for the past year so she decided to come back via America and I'm gonna meet her there!! Give me advice tell me what's amazing!!! :) Our big thing atm is that we are not to sure on where to spend the 4th of July. What's good?

Love you girls!


  1. Wow.. I can't even describe how lucky you are to get such a surprise (even tho you're angry), I'm just a huge sucker for fairytale-like things :P

    I hope you have fun in America! I haven't been there that much time but their shopping malls (or what ones I've been to) are HUGE! A lot of designer brands and entertainment :)

  2. wow htas a goodsurprise wow
    and ya for going to america well my town sucks so i dont recommen u coming here cuase its small and nuttin to do and ive havent been around the counrty much wow im no help

  3. New York City (even though I hate it with a Biblical passion) does a really good 4th of July. And don't listen to bonesarepure--of course you should come to New Jersey because we rock out with our cocks out. :D

    That boy sounds ridiculous. But maybe in a good way?


  4. My God- that's retardedly sweet! I'm jealous, haha.

  5. hey, remember me? I'm back on blogger and was hoping to catch up with you, but you haven't posted in awhile :( where you going in America? that's where I live! lol if its east coast, let me know for sure.